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    Hey all...

    Seems the Front Drive Shifter (Shimano STX : ST-MC30) will only go into "high" (3), Large Chain Ring after several attempts of shifting. Course this happens going on a downhill, when I really need it. It is like a piece of the cam in the Shifter Lever Unit is missing a tooth or something, never took it apart as of yet. It is NOT catching the cable (right away) to move the Front derailer. It will eventually after several trys.

    Anyone have this problem? Ever rebuild one of these? Is it worth rebuilding or should I just scrap it and buy a Updated Shifter?
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    If you are sure it's the shifer, and it's broke, get another one.

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    Did a search on the 'net...
    Seems like a lot have popped the top off the shifter casing (cover), blew it out and relubed and all was fine... just a bunch of crud (dirt) inside, Could be the case here from my ole single trac days...all the dirt, mud, water....etc... guess I will find out when I gets home from work!

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