I've got old non-aero brake levers with 1989 Nashbar-brand anatomic brake hoods, knockoffs of the Modolo anatomics (where the left and right hoods were different). They're seriously starting to degrade (they're soft, kinda sticky to the touch, and they aren't a snug fit anymore.

I really love the fat, snug feel of these hoods in my hands, and I'd hate to replace them with regular old campy/diacompe/suntoursuperbe hoods.

Where can I get replacement anatomic hoods? I've seen some at loosescrews.com, but they're pretty darn expensive. And I'd prefer to get something besides gum-colored, but I will be flexible if I have to. There is a certain je ne sais quois about gum hoods, I guess.

If I can't find the hoods, I'll probably just buy replacement levers, in which case I'd go aero. So I'm trying to keep it real with the flyout cables as best I can.