I finally was able to install a Sugino 7/8 speed 46-36-26 crankset on my old Bianchi cross bike after changing to a 113 mm spindle and a flat faced spanner pin tool adjustable BB cup. (I made a spanner pin tool by grinding a 29 cent wire plumbing pipe hanger to fit in the holes in the adjustable cup and I got the flat faced cup at a bike graveyard for 2 bucks.)

However my old Shimano 200 CX FD does not have the horizontal travel to accomodate the Sugino triple aluminum gear rings. The original 200 CX crankset has thin steel gear rings whose horizontal spacing is much less than the aluminum Sugino crankset. I can only index shift into the bottom 2 gear rings of the new crankset.

What bottom pull - seat tube clamped FD will work with the above Sugino crank and hopefully provide indexing with my vintage dual lever STI "thumb" shifters"? I think the Shimano 105 FD will work. Are there any others? Can I find out how much cable travel will be required per ring for these FDs? I can measure the cable travel per shift of my vintage dual levers. I wonder if I could find a set of NOS 7 speed Sora brifters on Ebay if they are compatible?

I took the bike for a 5 mile ride around the neighborhood. Really pleased with the new crankset. It has 165 mm long arms which are a better fit for me than the 170 mm arms. Will need the big ring for descending hills.