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    So I can get a good deal on some NOS Suntour Superbe track hubs (and I won't tell you where until after I get my set). Problem is, they only have them in 20 hole and 24 hole

    I looked through a qbp book, and I looked through nashbar, and I looked through sheldon brown, and found nothing except the "Venus" made by sun. All the wheels I've built in the past have been on sun rims, and they always have an annoying seam which makes the vertical true a pain in the ass. I want these wheels to be *special*.

    Two questions:
    -what's the deal with Sun Venus rims? Any better than "assault's" or CR18's?
    -how much less strong is a 3x 24 spoke wheel than a 3x 32 spoke wheel? 2/3 as strong? Some different ratio? (What is the function of spoke count to wheel strength given constant lacing?)

    I should add that all of the wheels I've built have stood up to heavy riding with hardly a true needed, and they've all been 32 spoke or more
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    There's a strong trend toward low spoke count wheels. Most of these wheels use a fairly heavy rim to offset the strength loss of less spokes.

    I can't comment on the Venus rims since I've never used them. They have been around for a long time and would seem to be a good choice on paper.

    I say go for it. And while your at it, why not get some oval spokes to complement the low spoke count?

    Odds and Endos has a good price on Venus rims and they sell spokes as well.

    Good luck.


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