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Quick question, Both of my thumb shifters (front and back) are missing the mark. Both move without any tension, and neither gears shift. I am stuck in 2nd gear. I removed the top house on the back shifter and noticed the tab that grabs and engages the sprocket forward is not under spring tension. If I push the tab forward (towards the sprocket) with my finger, it engages and shifts up one gear. I am not having problems shifting down, after I engage the tab with my finger, the thumb shifter brings the gears back to 1 with no problem. Therefore, the tab that engages with the sprocket to decrease the gears, has tension and works fine. The front shifter is stuck in 2nd gear, and neither tabs engage the sprocket. If I mislabeled something, I apologize in advance. If any help is giving, thanks in advance. Bike on!