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    front derailer usage


    I bought a new MTN bike frame recently and want to slap on a practically new Deore rear derailer I stripped off an 8-peed Trek. I figure I won't have a attaching it to a 10-year-old, 7-speed Shimano cassette that's still in good shape (though please tell if I'm wrong).

    My question is: Can I use an old Shimano bottom-pull front derailer that, in fact, came off of a 7-speed MTN bike.

    As for the triple crank I intend to use, it too came off of a 7-speed, though a different one from the front derailer.

    What should I be looking out for?

    Many thanks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by daveed
    ... What should I be looking out for? ...
    1) (Obviously) top versus bottom pull.
    2) Travel range of cage. (Since it is coming off another mountain bike, probably a non-issue.)
    3) Swing arc of cage and relative heights of bottom edges of outer and inner sides of cage. These parameters will determine how well it works with your particular choice of chainrings (e.g. 2 even steps, such as 28-38-48, versus my 24-40-48 step-and-a-half-plus-grannie).
    4) Curvature of bottom edge of outer edge of cage. Sharper curve radii are optimized for microdrive systems, with a 42 or 44T outer chainring.
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