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    Hi, I decided that I need new tires and tubes for my old Schwinn Continental. The old tires were coming off the beads, rim strips were stiff... I popped my front tire TWO times today and spent hours in the local "bike church" working on it. Man I was so frustrated that I was about to go and buy a new Trek 1000!!

    Anyway, I can get 2 tires, 2 tubes, and 2 rim strips at either online store. At Nashbar it'll cost $30, and at Specialized it'll cost $40.

    Would the cheapest Specialized tires be better than the cheapest Nashbar tires?

    Nashbar tire:


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    I know the Specialized ones are good, don't know about the Nashbar ones. Not sure how much shipping is, so take that into account. Make sure you get the right bead diameter for your wheel... Schwinn used a couple different diameter 27" tires.
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