Hi there. My current bike setup :-

shifter : deore (~270gram)
FD : Deore LX M-570 (125gram)
RD : XTR 2003 M-960 Long cage (203gram)
Cassette : XT M-750 (300gram maybe. Not sure which year it was manufactured)

Someone offered me a good price to buy my components. Since that i started to love 1:1 shifting, i plan to get a new sram x9 components(year 2004 product) and with the price he offered, i still can get a new pair of avid speed dial 7 brake lever. The x9 components consist of trigger shifter, sram x-gen fd, x9 rear derail and 9.0 powerglide 2 cassette. But the weight of my bike will increased quite a lot. Mainly, the FD and RD. What i dont like about XTR rear derail is that when we go rough during XC race, the body of RD will keep on going up and down. I think the spring is too soft. Heard that x0 has titanium spring on it, hopefully x9 does too..

Maybe someone out there who is more experienced than me might give me some cool advices...