I have a triathlon bike (Cervelo P3), and I KNOW it's built to have me leaning way forward for a tri...but my neck and shoulder muscles tell me I want the handlebars to be about 3 inches up from where they are. (Then I could just comfortably rest on the tri bars without getting a terribly sore neck as I attempt to look forward down the road...). Unfortunately, I can't figure out how to raise the handlebars. I guess it's called the "head tube" is really short, so there's not a lot of stem in that tube. People keep telling me to add "spacers", but it seems like I'd need a longer handlebar stem. Does anyone know where I might find directions on how to alter this bike? Getting the bike to be exactly what I want is something that's going to take trial and error with minor adjustments along the way. The shop that sold me the bike did a fitting when I bought it, but it hasn't felt comfortable EVER. I need to ride 25 miles, identify where I'm hurting, and make small adjustments to the seat/handlebars, etc. Right now, I'm at the mercy of the dealer until I can find tech specs on how the bike is put together.