I've got a set of '05 Select road wheels with just about 1000 miles on 'em, and under any lateral load (out of the saddle climbing, accelerating), they creak something awful, particularly the front. I've already lubed the nipples to no avail so tomorrow I'm going to take them in, throw them in the stand and double check tension and true 'em up real nice while I'm at it.

Before (or while) I do, anyone else seen this problem on other Bontrager wheels, Select or otherwise? After digging up a couple reviews I've learned that I'm not the first to complain about them, but the reviewers tended to choose the "buy new wheelset" resolution. I'm going to be building a new wheelset eventually, but I'd like to feel confident that I made the stock wheels work for whatever they are. The wheels don't seem very stiff, and I'd imagine they're not (I only weigh about 175), but is creaking just a fact of life? What about Bontrager's higher end stuff?