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    Cranks for a big Guy

    I am a former avid freestyler and bike mechanic who is trying to get back into riding. I have an OLD (>15yrs) Schwinn Sprint (10, not just the rear cassette) that is working well for me....EXCEPT...I keep rounding out the cranks (square tapered). I hope this problem will be alleviated as I lose weight (300 lbs currently), but in the meantime, I'm going through alot of crank arms. Is ISIS or Octalink BB/crank combos any stronger? Any thoughts would be appreciated.This wasn't a problem when I use to work in the local bike shops (my weight, I mean )

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    If you're not putting several hundred pounds of force into those cranks, something is wrong. Either get a new bike, or get
    a quality BB like Pauls. Ever try Sugino? They make a nice crank that's cheap. There's a nice french brand of crank that might be a little tougher than average.
    The new formats like Isis will prob stick out so far it twists your chain out of line.

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