I have a new still frame - english threads and traditional 28.6 (I think) tubing. It has a headset. Now I want to equip it. I have been trolling ebay. I am planning on getting the Campy Centaur compact crankset when it comes out in a few weeks. After that, I would like to troll for good condition Chorus parts. (I have no complaints with Shimano - I just want to do something different.)

So my question is where do I start. Would the first move be to get the Ergo levers/Shifters because whether I get 10spd or 9spd then determines what derailleurs I get etc. For example, I assume you can't use 9 spd ergos on a 10 spd derailleurs and vice versa, but I might be wrong here.

The other question is bar end shifters. Does it makes sense to save the expense and just go with those if I am riding 20-40 miles each weekend day, do credit card touring and train for a century. I am not racing.

Any advice and whether Ebay is a good place to look would be great. Thank you.