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    Rigid to Low-Cost Suspension Fork Coversion - Suggestions?

    Picked up a Diamondback Outlook (vintage unknown), that I would like to replace the stock HiTen rigid fork with an entry-level (read: not too damn expensive) suspension fork. I won't be riding it hard and heavy at this point, and don't want to sink too much in it right now. TIA for any suggestions....

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    No offense...but considering how much you probably paid for the bike pick up the least expensive fork you can find. The outlook may be a 1" threaded steerer. If it is your swap jusy got more difficult. Do not buy ant fork that has anything to do with air....Try to fing an elastomer or coil sprung for. Check your LBS. most of the LBS I go into have a pile of older forks in a corner.

    Option 2.....go to the goodwill or Salvation Army and buy a bike that has a fork already. Swap the fork then strip the bike for spare parts.
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