I used to cycle in the Netherlands on an old Raleigh with 3 speed Sturmey hub and hub brakes, now ill be updating the concept by several few decades by getting an affordable Halfords Subway 8 with a Nexus 8 speed hub.

I'm going to put on some lights & mudguards, but I would also like a full chain cover and I can't seem to find any here in the UK. I can get a half chain guard, but although that would protect me from grime, it wouldn't protect the chain.

I did find a German manufacturer called Hebie, but I'm told by a LBS that they don't import their full chain guards into the UK. It's in their 2005 Catalogue (3.6 Mb pdf). Model 355 on page 31 look exactly what I'm after, or their model 350 "Chainglider" may do.

The chainglider is used on some of Cannondale's urban range of bikes (eg Vintage Nexus).

Does anyone here know more about these or similar full chain guards? Do you use one? Can I get one in the UK or online? I've googled lots with little results.