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    A few fork(ing) questions

    I promise I've done the requiste archives searches for answers to my questions. Lots of good info there, but I'd still like to pick this group's collective brain about a couple of specific questions.

    I'm 6'3", 193 lbs (88 Kg). I ride an old (late 80s) lugged-steel, 61cm c-t-t Paramount, with new Velocity wheels. Love the bike, but I'd like to switch out the steel fork with an Ouzo Pro. Current fork has a 1" steerer and (best I can measure) 50mm of rake. So my question is twofold:

    1. Given my weight and the length of my bike's head tube, does anyone foresee trouble with an all-carbon, 1-inch diameter fork steerer? I keep reading how so many lightweight parts really aren't designed for riders weighing more than 165 pounds . . .

    2. It's tough finding Ouzos (on ebay) with 50mm of rake. How much practical difference will there likely be in handling if I went with rake of, say, 45mm? I love how the bike handles, so I realize it's in my best interest to maintain the current trail as closely as possible. But will this half-centimeter reduction in rake really have any detectable consequences?

    Thanks one and all in advance!


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    Just to be on the safe side, I wouldn't go
    for a carbon steerer. The weight savings is not huge, and
    there is just no point in taking a real risk for an imperceptible difference.

    The bike will be very eager to turn. Hit the manufacturers websites and try to find one will more rake; but I don't know of any more than 45. To be honest, if the fork is in good shape, I wouldn't mess with it. I have a steel frame and fork. It'd be nice to lose a pound, but it's a nice fork and it's just doesn't make a lot of sense to replace it.

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