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    side to side play in rear wheel what is it what to do

    I seem to have a bit of side to side play in my rear wheel. I've tried fiddling with the quick release but it doesn't seem to go away. It's a closed hub so there's nothing to adjust. What is this and how can I fix it?

    I have these wheels with about 5200 miles on them:

    Ritchey Pro™ Z DS Wheels

    • OCR rim and Zero System hub eliminates dish for a stronger, more reliable rear wheel
    • Aerodynamic 27mm front/28mm rear profile and 20-spoke radial front/24-hole 2-cross maximizes lateral stiffness, yet remains vertically compliant
    • Laterally stiff but compliant -Bladed, stainless steel spokes
    • Cold forged and machined Pro hubs are strong enough for radial lacing
    • Silky smooth, low maintenance custom cartridge bearings packed with Ritchey grease
    • High Tolerance machined sidewalls straight to .03mm
    • 1,665 grams/pair

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    Sounds like loose bearings.It's easy enough to see where the play is with the wheel on the bike and secured by the QR. There is adjustment for some cartridge types.

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