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    Time ATAC bearing service

    I have a pair of ATACs that I purchased around September/October of 2004. I recently noticed that the pedals have some play where the body meets the spindle on the inboard (nearest the crank) side. Taking it to an LBS, they suggested I should take them apart and do some sort of service (possibly replace balls; I'm not sure yet), but I can't figure out how to get the caps on the outboard side off. I understand that the outboard side has sealed cartridge bearings and the inboard side "doesn't" (needle bearings?).

    One posting I read suggested that the red Park Tool pin spanner would fit, but I tried one out at the LBS and the pins are too large for the caps on my pedals. I've seen a number of posts various places about using wood something or other, but it seems like the caps are there to be taken off, and because of the multitude of varieties of ATACs, all with the same name, I'm not sure about whether they're talking about the same version as mine or an older version.

    Time's website doesn't seem to have any real mention of service or tools. Also, the close LBS isn't a certified Time dealer, so they don't carry Time-specific tools or parts. Any isuggestions where to go/what to do now?
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    Mine have black plastic caps with several holes around the circumference. The caps should just unscrew, it's just a matter of finding something that will fit in the holes and allow you to turn the caps. Any good tool shop should have a pin spanner or circlip pliers that will fit.
    I think I just shoved a couple of spokes into opposite holes in the cap and used a pair of pliers to rotate it.

    Mine had a small cartridge bearing on the outboard side and a ceramic bushing on the inboard side. Pretty much all you can do to service them is to clean out the old grease and replace with fresh stuff.

    Play is often just something you have to live with pedals that use this style of bearing. There is no way to adjust out the play because the diameter of the spindle and bushing are fixed. However fresh grease will often fill the gap between the spindle and bushing better than the old stuff reducing the amount of play.

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