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    Rear derailleur adjustment

    Well, I just got one of the newer Shimano DeoreLX RDs with the spring action so as you add cable tension the RD moves to the smallest cog, which is just the opposite of what I'm used to. Before I put the RD on I'm curious if there's a different method for the whole RD adjustment process.

    On older RDs, I usually set the chain on big ring small cog, tighten the RD cable, set the low adjustment limit screw, move to small ring big cog, set the high adjustment limit screw, and then use the barrel adjuster to fine tune the cable tension as I move up and down the gears.

    I know I could figure this thing out myself, but I'm curious if there are common methods that would make the process more efficient.

    Thanks, everyone.

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    Sounds like you have it all figured out. Don't forget the "B" adjustment and any chain length adjustment if the distance between the rollers is different from your previous DR. Let us know how you like the backwards shifting! OHB

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