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    It's really stuck...

    I have a shimano square taper bb in a mid '90s rockhopper that has never been serviced. My fault, I know. I'm trying to remove the bb to put the crankset on another bike. The left side cup came out with little problem. The drive side cup is being stubborn, however. I've tried everything to loosen the cup. My last effort, using Liquid Wrench, locking the bb tool in a vise, and using the entire frame for leverage still won't work. The damn thing won't budge. And yes I'm aware that the drive side cup is lefthand threaded. I don't want to damage the bb tool or any part of the bb or bike. You guys have any clever ideas? Is this a job for the LBS? Thanks in advance.

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    Here's what I've done: Use a large socket on the Shimano splined BB tool you have (mine required a 32mm socket which for some reason I happened to already have that size). Then use a breaker bar on the socket...I use a 24" Wright Tool one that I had for automotive work. Carefully mount the remover tool, the socket and then position the breaker for best leverage (and the least frame damage should your plan fail ) Then just put your body weight on the breaker bar being careful not to let the splined tool slip out of position. You should feel the BB give in pretty quickly. Then you can change to a regular ratchet handle once it breaks free.

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