I have a nice mid-90's 753 based road frame that I need wheels for. The bike is kind of modern-retro and equipped mostly with Campy Record components, and I want to keep more or less that kind of appearence and stay with Campy if at all possible. It already has a fairly heavy set of 36H Campy hub/Mavic tubular rim wheels, and I would like to add a set of light, perhaps radial spoked tubular wheels without breaking the bank. I want to stay with tubulars because I have a good stock of tires on hand and I like mucking around with glue; however, I've been out of the game for a long time and am totally ignorant as to the virtues of the various superlight wonders available. I see Campy Electron wheelsets here and there for what look like good prices, and these are approximately what I have in mind, but it appears that replacement spokes cannot be had.

Any recommendations?