I hate to say it, but my realy old Miele MTB with pretty much original components (Exage) is finally starting to show her age. And it's heavy!
I use it mostly for commuting now a days...with slicks on it. I think my dirt and mud riding days are pretty much behind me now. The bike tips the scales at just under 40 pounds.

I am wondering about a backwards upgrade. Change out the frame for something more CC in geometry and move my whole group over to it? I'd relace new 700 rims onto the Shimano hubs and ride with a flat bar instead of drops, that way the shifters and brake levers will transplant easily.
I hope without too much trouble, I can get my weight down by 10-15 pounds?
The Exage stuff isn't high bling ( love that word) but it has worked beatifully for me for all these years.

Only downside is it's a 7 speed. If a shift lever or RD ever broke, I'd change up to an modern Deore system but until then, I can live with it as it is. Also, it's a top pull FD now so I'd have to replace that right off.

I hope to get a second hand Marinoni touring frame with fork in my size for a couple hundred in Jan so other than that, I can't see spending more than an other 100 or so.

This sounds way too easy....what have I forgotten?

I originally bought a hybrid (in haste) to fullfull this need and I just HATE it! It leans way to much on the side of comfort...I just don't seem to be able to change it to an agressive fit. Anyone looking to buy a Diamondback Miramar in as new condition?