I have a pre-Exa-drive Campagnolo 8sp cassette that I'm attempting to install on a set of Campy 8sp Stratos Hubs..

Its been some time since I've assembled one of these and I've forgotten how to align each of the gears. It's a 12-23 gear cluster

When assembling,
1. How do you align the letters? Does A next go to B, then to C. A-B-C-D? Or do the letters line up A-A-A-A?
2. Which orientation for the letters? Do they face inward towards the wheel or outwards towards the chain?

I've forgotten how this works because later drivetrains have the spaced splines which make these easily accomplished. However, I'm the idiot that is addressed in the term "idiot-proof". If there is a wrong way to do it, I'll find it.

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.