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    03 TCR 1 (alloy) derailleur question

    Anyone out there with a Giant TCR 1 alloy frame/bike know which size front derailleur it takes. I can get a braze on, but I need to know which size adaptor clamp to buy. I'm building an 03 frame up with Ultegra components. I have a triple crank with a 10 speed cassette. Also (maybe this doesn't apply, but) do I need to use a long cage or short cage rear derailleur? My apologies if this is a redundant question, but I can't get the search engine to work.

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    Sometimes one measurement is worth a thousand guesses. You don't even need a caliper. Wrap a piece of paper around your seat tube and mark where it crosses itself. Measure that distance in millimeters and divide by 3.14. That's the seat tube clamp size.

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