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    grip shift gear changers help please?

    This is my first post and I'm no rocket scientist when it comes to mechanics on MTB's. I have a Trek 4300 and upgraded to hydraulic disc brakes, but had to fit shimano gear changers, these are the lever type, one lever for up one lever for down, and they do my head in. I was told that I can't use the grip shifter type? Can anybody please tell me why not or if indeed I can actually use them? Then I can get a full grip on my bars as the gear levers and brake levers take so much room up I can't get a good grip.

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    There's no reason you couldn't use gripshifters on your bike, unless the brake levers are some funky design that doesn't allow enough space on the handlebar. Could you post a picture? If you have a Shimano rear derailleur, I'd look at getting some SRAM Attack or Rocket shifters. Match the speed to how many cogs are on your rear cassette.
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