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    Sturmey Archer Shift Cables

    I'm trying to come up with a LONGER Shift cable for a Sturmy Archer Hub. (SEE PICTURE)
    I just put the S/A 3 speed set up on my home brew Recumbent and need a longer shift cable.
    I have one ordered, but want to be able to make up my own.
    Dose anyone know if I can crimp an end deal unto a regular cable.
    If so, where can I get the crimp things and what would I use to crimp them on tight enough to hold.?

    Thanks for any help.

    I'm just new to this Forum, It's a great help !
    I just built my first (NO WELD) Recumbent this fall and can't wait for spring....

    Slow Moving old Fart

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    I've had this same problem with an old-school mtn bike I converted into a "gentlemen's cruiser" recently. I cannabilized a '67 English 3-spd (don't know the make) with a S-A GRIP SHIFTER (try getting a cable for that!) and the cable was rusted so bad when I turned the adjuster thingy it fell apart.

    To make a long story short, I tried the crimp things and they are simply not strong enough to hold on to the cable. I was lucky because a buddy of mine at work welded on a tiny piece of bronze and it was small enough to fit inside the cable adjuster. It works great now.

    I had no other choice because cables for the S-A grip shifters are just not available. I even had to modify the head part of the derailler cable with a file to get it to work. However the bigger cable crimps do seem to work on the shifter end on a standard trigger shifter. I did this on my other 3-spd bike.
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