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    I did braze-ons!

    I added braze-on water bottles mounts, cable stops and rack mounts onto my 1973 Schwinn frame. It was not too hard after the first misstep.

    I used MAP gas, 56% silver solder, and generous flux (which came with the solder).

    So, for those of you who may have wanted to but shied away, go for it. It's not too hard.

    Is the first page, of 4 pages so far on this project.

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    Well done speakerguy. Guess you feel pretty darn pleased with yourself now huh!? But don't stop there theres lots more you can do yet.

    I got my first frame ( a Carlton) from a junk pile when I was a poor student. It was sitting on top of a seriously bent Meryx
    I cut and hacked that frame to pieces to make it into what I wanted.
    I remember cutting out the rear hangers and trimming the rear stays and re-braizing to shorten the wheelbase. Its so close clearance now that I have to let the tyre down to put the rear wheel in and out , but crikey it shifts.
    Iv'e still got my first bike and use it for spinning now. Ahhhh you always remember your first love.
    I'm ready for something , but I don't know what!!..

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