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    Pedals wearing out /causing cracking sound ?

    I have had my Brodie MTB almost 3 years now. Recently, when I was using it to commute, I noticed an increasingly worsening snapping/cracking sound whenever I cycled...initially it was just up hills but now it is pretty much constant.

    I took it to the bike shop and they are saying that it could be the bottom bracket or the pedals. They told me that the Wellgo pedals on there are likely worn out and need to be replaced. They have suggested pedals that are approximately $95.00 if that is actually the problem.

    I am just wondering - can pedals actually wear out to the point that they do this and second, is it worth the money to buy the the more expensive pedals ? I cycle over 400 KM a month on this bike so trying to make the best decisions. It is used more for commuting now than downhill.

    Any suggestions ?

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    I've had the pedal bearings gum up and do that. The weather was pretty wet. If the pedals can't be rebuilt then you may have to replace them.
    More expensive pedals will have better seals that will slow the process drastically.

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