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Thread: Gear Question

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    Gear Question

    I have a 2000 Cannondale R1000. I hate the gearing. Going up hills is torture. I enjoying riding my bike but I am not a racer and I am not a glutton for punishment. Is there something I can do to revamp the gearing on this bike so that I have it a little easier on the hills? I live in central PA and there is no where to go but up and down. I don't need a triple chainring with a a granny gear, but I would like life to be just a bit easier. Any suggestions?

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    1. Get a cassette with a larger big cog. Did your bike come with a 12x23? Get a 12x27 or even one of the MTB 12x32 cassettes if you run 9-speed.

    2. Switch your road double 53x39 crank to a "compact 50x34 crank. You can't go lower than a 38T inner chainring on a 130 mm BCD road crank and the one tooth difference is a waste of money.

    3. If all else fails, swallow your pride and get a triple.

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    I concur with HillRider. Start by getting the largest cog your rear derailleur can accommodate. Depending on how high a top gear you need, consider combinations such as 13-27 or even 14-32.

    A traditional mountain crank's 110mm outer BCD (simply ignore the grannie holes for a double) will accommodate a 34-tooth inner ring, which would be great with a 46, 48, or 50-tooth outer, depending on your tastes and your front derailleur.

    My vote: 48-34 / 13-29, for a 32-100 inch gear range, but lots of other combinations are possible.
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