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    Suspension Fork rebuild question

    My front suspension fork (RockShox) have been compressed since i bought the bike used. I have disassembled the forks and found that the elastomer springs are either completely deteriorated or compressed.

    My rebuilding questions are as follows;

    1. Where can i buy new elastomer springs?
    2. What can i use to replace the elastomer springs?
    3. Im thinking of putting in compression springs (die springs) inside the fork cartridge, has anyone done this and if so, where can i buy these springs from?

    Im located in Toronto, and thanks in advance for your replies.

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    I wouldn't mess with rebuilding an elastomer fork. But if you really want to keep the fork, the best thing you could probably do is put an Englund Total Air kit on it. This a good company, they make and/or sell some cool products. I've known a couple of people who've converted old RockShox forks to the Englund system, and they've been very happy with them. It used to be a fairly popular upgrade with the RockShox Judys, Indys, etc. I haven't done it myself-

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