I'm researching building up a frame (Specialized Allez Comp Cr-Mo) I picked up a couple weeks ago (with the Specialized carbon fork. This will be my first build BTW and what I have determined from searching BF is that I should let my LBS install the headset and probably the BB. My LBS said it would cost $15 to install the fork/headset, as well as $15 to install the BB/crank. I'm thinking "with labor prices that cheap I may end up having them build the whole thing"...But the point of me building as much I can is to learn (even if it costs a little more in the long run).

I'm going to start by having my LBS install the headset and fork, but which headset? LBS said that if I want to go top end go Chris King but I was doing some research last night and found out that this frame takes an integrated threadless headset and Chris King apparently doesn't make integrated headsets. So what would be the next best headset to buy? What are the different variables with headsets? weight? I assume that with headsets as in most other things, higher price doesn't necisarily mean better.