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    Shimano Deore mechanical disc brake pad question.

    I've got Shimano Deore mechanical disc brakes on a new bike I have been riding a few weeks now. I find that I get way more stopping power out of my wife's V-brakes on her new bike, and more recently my brakes have begun to squeal, especially the rear one, and a million fold worse in the rain. When I first picked up the bike, the mechanic mentioned that I 'won't be able to lock the wheel' with the current pads, because they are resin. So, if I were doing some extreme riding and wanted to lock the wheel, I'd need to swap the pads out with some other material pad. I would like to get more braking power out of these brakes, and eliminate any and all squeal, dry or wet, so what pads should I put in there? The rotor is branded with a warning: "Resin Pads only". If I switch to a different pad material, how adversely will that affect the life of the rotor? Will it eliminate the squealing when dry and/or wet? What pads should I get, if I should/could replace the pads?
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