Well i bought my first mountain bike for now. I usaully like to Bmx and race but my one buddy said to try mountain biking and i thought it would be cool to try out. since im new i dont know to much about this stuff so i need your help! I would like to alterate this cheap sportschek bike in to a actual cool mountain bike so of course i went and got some of the basic stuff like pedals, seat, grips brakes stuff like that. Now im looking to upgrade from 24" rims to 26" rims but its looking like i cant right now since i need and extension on the back to be able to have them fit without rubbing. I have the front all set up but does any one know of an extension that is custom made to bolt on and be able to bolt it on and have the rear wheel move smoothly? send me and e-mail (Fastboy122@hotmail.com) or reply if you do!