The deal:

I'm using a different fork on my keirin frame so's I can run a brake. The crown race from the original fork didn't fit on the replacement (can't remember which one is bigger/smaller, but the fork is a Colnago, so I'm guessing the original fork is JIS or 27.0mm at the seat, and the colnago is ISO or 26.4 at the seat).

Thus: a different (random) crown race was installed on the colnago fork, and the fork popped into the frame. The only perceivable, immediate problem is that the lower cup doesn't really cover the bearings (in the original carrier) anymore. They're kinda exposed, a problem I'm dealing with via innertube.
The headset feels smooth, and has ridden fine for a week.

The questions:

1: Is this a badd stuppidd thing to do to a Hattagucci headset?

2. Do you think the lower bearing exposure issue could/should be solved by using loose bearings, rather than the carrier? if you're really helpful, you could tell me the size of ball bearings.

3. Should I just get a whole new headset and shelve this one until I'm skilled and smart enough to go brakeless?