I have recently gotten a Spot Brand cross frame with vertical dropouts. I put a 7800 BB and the new R700 Shimano compact cranks (50/34, 2-piece, hollowtech II) on it, but found that both crank arms smack into the chainstays. bummer. I suppose I could put some spacers between bearing cups and frame, but it would take quite a bit of spacing (can you even space this type of bearing cups?)

A curious note: the spindle length listed on the specs on shimano's website for the 7800 BB is 110-116mm. I thought Hollowtech II were all the same spindle lengths?? Does this mean there's some variability (for spacers, for example)?? Does this mean that this particular frame, with wide chainstays, is not compatible with Hollowtech II, and I need to get a setup with a longer BB spindle? help! thanks!