I wonder if anyone knows a suitable replacement for my present cartridge, it's been getting loose and noisy for some months, so I removed it from the bike and asked the local bike shop for a new one but after trying to fit it I've realised that the one I've been sold measures 118 mm and the one I need is 116 mm. It doesn't seem a lot but I just cannot adjust my gears to get a good change.
The information stamped onto the cartridge is: Shimano BB C192 Via 68 BCI37 x 24 YL 116.
The cartridge I've tried is a shimano UN 53 118mm.
I'm now living in France so will probably have to get something sent from the UK but I need to know what to order.
This is a very good forum and I have picked up loads of useful information so I hope someone out there knows the answer. Many thanks