Just curious if anyone else has had similar problems on Bontrager Race Lite REAR wheel bearings?

I have a 05 and 06 Race Lite wheelset. The 05 rear wheel bearings have been perfect (although an eyelet on the rim cracked apart at around 1500 miles and Bontrager replaced the rim).

On the 06 rear wheel, the bearings got REALLY sloppy at about 800 miles. After some back and forth, Bontrager replaced the entire rear wheel (after stating to my shop owner that they have been having problems with this and have changed hub builders).

I now have 1000 miles on the new rear wheel and noticed yesterday that I have slop in the bearings.

I am still under warranty, but wonder if this will ever stop before I get out of warranty. I do not abuse my bikes. Is anyone else seeing these types of failures lately?