So its summer, and feeling the need to get out for a while Ive been considering adapting my much loved-but-never-used Gary Fisher steel MTB into a 26" touring bike. I'm planning a drop bar conversion, but I'm kind of undecided about forks. Obviously the suspension is going But I figure these are my options:

1. Rigid off the peg forks. I was thinking of the suspension-adjusted Kona Project two, and having lowrider mounts brazed on.

2. Something off the peg and touring specific e.g Surly Long Haul Trucker. Shorter, which'll make the angles steeper which might be nice, and comes with lowrider/mudguard bosses

3. Something custom made from my local friendly framebuilder.

#3 looks like the most expensive and also the most fun, but if I'm going custom what should I be looking for? Alternatively, what about #1 or #2?