Hi guys

I have an old steel frame from the 50's with a campag record bottom bracket from late '70s in good condition. I have two options for crank arms: a 1982 Shimano 600 set or a 2003 Campag Chrous 10 speed set.

Most of the other components on the frame are Campag record from the 70's (brakes, headset, friction levers, derailleurs. I will probably strat trolling around on ebay to find a 70's Record rankset, but for now just wat to get the bike working.

The Shimano 600 set has a more compatible style with the other components; the newer campag record set looks a bit too new.

But I have heard that there is an incompatibility issue with the taper of the axle between Campag and Shimano.

I have test fitted the Shimano on the Campag bottom bracket and it sems fine. No play and chain line appears fine. If there is a problem, will a 10 speed Campag item work with the 6 speed chain on the bike?

Am I safe using the Shimano until I can find 70's Record.

Thanks all