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    Marzzochi EXR comp

    Need some help with a Marz. EXR comp fork. This fork seems very lound, the rebound seems to snap back, almost sounds like metal hitting metal at the top of the fork. Are there any other adjustments other then the air one at the top of the right leg? Are the two bolts on the bottom of the legs used for any adjustment, also the left leg has a plastic plug with a + and -, what is that for? Been a while since I've worked on a MTB, primarily been on my road bike for the last five years. Big difference.


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    First thing I would do is go to the Marzocchi web site,
    and search for documentation for your fork.

    Some of the 'Zocchi forks have been notorious for their noisiness. Nothing wrong with them, they just made a lot of noise. The EXR Comp is an OEM fork and isn't one of their fanciest forks. It doesn't have the most sophisticated damping so the lack or rebound damping is probably normal.
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