I have a Saracen Awol 2005 edition, the forks are RST Gela plus. They have been acting straigly lately, sometimes they like to be very bouncy, sometime they like to go very stiff. It seems to be that when it is/has been raining, it goes very bouncy, and when it is cold, it is very stiff. It varys when sunny. I noticed, when I was doing general maintainance, that water started dripping out of the forks when I had the bike upside down.
I also have a problem with the gears, might just be a case of adjusting them, but I am not too sure... When I am in top gear, it makes a big and fast clicking noise.
Could anyone help me out with this, any help would be much apriciated...
I can give more info if needed.
Please don't use to technical words, I won't understand it, I am a noob!