I picked up a nice Specialized Cross Roads Hybrid bike at my LTS (Local Thrift Store) for $5 with obviously very few miles and lots of dust and rotten tires. I completely dissembled it, cleaned and waxed it, cleaned out all the old dried grease and lubed everything. It rides very nice and looks almost new and now I am looking at converting it to a loaded touring bike. The rear Derailleur is a Shimano 200CX with a Shimano 13-30 cassette. I want to install a mega-range cassette with a low cog of 34 teeth. Anyone know if that Shimano 200CX Derailleur can handle 4 teeth extra? It has a Shimano biopace crank with 48/38/28 chain rings. Some of the hills in the upper southeast USA are pretty tough to climb, especially for this 50-year-old biker!