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    Using Garmin and Polar at the same time.

    I just got the Garmin Edge 305 and like it (beginning to actually love it) but I really thinks that the Polar software is superior (to Garminís end a few 2rd parties).

    So I want to use both devices abut not to wear 2 transmitters.

    Do I have any other choices?


    p.s. If there is no solution to this issue, I am considering on using the Polar for HR recording/analysis and the Garmin for only GPS Mapping and main computer during rids (great display flexibility)
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    My ForeRunner 301 HRM is not compatible with Polar HRMs. In the gym I used to use a Sigma Sport and my wife a Polar: the HRM transmitter and watches were interchangeable and worked with Polar standardized gym machines. My Garmin is definitely different. I would expect yours to be like mine.

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