This is my first post, so hello all and thanks in advance for reading this.

I have a (Target) Schwinn mountain bike that has some derailleur issues. I use to bike some time ago and bought this bike as a beginner to see if I could get back into it. Itís worked, but had some problems.

My latest issue is a falling off derailleur. I was riding along leisurely on pavement and went to change gears and heard a loud bang and the bike stop moving. I looked and saw that the derailleur had fallen off (as a note, it was shifting very rough that whole ride). Here are some pics:

I contacted Pacific and Target and they wonít do anything (no real surprise), so Iíve already written it off as a loss in my mind. My question is how common is this and is it a big deal to fix? I know I need to upgrade this bike, but would like to get a season out of it. If itís a relatively easy fix, my thought is I may as well learn something on a bike thatís already a loss.

I really appreciate any help you can give. Thanks.