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    Trouble with Torpedo Dreigang

    Hello all,

    I have two bikes which both have Torpedo Dreigang, and I have experieced the same trouble with them both: occasionally, when riding on speed 2, there is a kind of "jump", maybe a quarter of a turn of the crankshaft, as if the claws inside the hub skipped a housing(?) on the inner wall of the hub (I'm sorry if i don't use correct vocabulary, I'm not a native speaker). With speeds 1 and 3 I never experience this, and even with speed 2 it's not all the time.

    I'm almost certain that it's NOT about adjusting the little chain that goes inside the hub; I've tried adjusting it to the both extremes within the speed 2, until the jumpiness etc clearly are about the incorrect adjustment. I've also taken the both hubs apart, cleaned and oiled all the parts, but still the problem remains.

    So i was wondering, does the Torpedo Dreigang hub perhaps have a "weak spot"? Both my hubs have come to me second hand, though I don't think they should be THAT old.. with "weak spot" I mean the kind of flaw that the Shimano 3-speed has, viz., if something is broken, it is almost certainly the small ledge which has snapped, and which is crucial for the operation of the brake..?


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    I was having a similar problem in 3rd gear with my torpedo dreigang.

    I too was convinced that the problem was in the hub. I then became convinced that the problem was in the shifter.

    I too kept fiddling with the cable tension adjuster that attaches to the shifting chain.

    I finally seem to have gotten mine working okay. I did two things at roughly the same time, so I'm not sure what worked.

    1. I put the bike on its side with the drive side up and poured a bunch of 90w gear oil into the hole where the shifting chain goes into the hub.

    2. I continued to fiddle with the cable adjuster, making very small adjustments and then riding a bit.

    Apparently I hit the "sweet-spot" and now the system seems to work very very well.

    I wish you similar success!

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