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    noise from crank or chain?

    I am new to the forums and i have a question:
    I just got a Eastern Traildigger on tuesday. It has a 3 piece crank When ever i ride it the crank makes a noise like: "eek" when ever my right foot goes down when i peddel. Is somthing loose? i cannot figure it out.
    Also when I ride it i hear a cracking noise comming from my chain or crank. my dad thinks it is the chain stretching out and it needs to be broken in. but iam wondering what it is and were it is. I think it is on the right side cause i can feel it. It really isnt doing it as much anymore but it does it somtimes.
    I dont feel like spending money on it by sending it to the shop.

    do theese things happen to your bikes??

    Thank for your help in advance

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    如果你能讀了這個你講中文 genericbikedude's Avatar
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    could be a lot of things:
    --chainring bolts
    --crank taper socket
    --saddle rails
    among other possibilities...

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