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    Will 105 fron der shifter work with old Stronglight crank

    Well I've given up some, not all, of my retro grouchiness and moved up to late 20th century technology and went to a 105 index shifting system, which I am using only on the rear, the front der shifter is still friction.

    I have a 105 triple front shifter and a 105 front der. Can I set it up somehow so that it will work with a 80's vintage Stronglight double crank, 52/42 or should I just stick with friction. Thanks.
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    In general yes, it will work, especially if the brifter is the second generation variety with two closely spaced middle positions. It will take some artful positioning of the cage to minimize chain rub. You left out the 8-9-10 spd aspect of the cassette, but this won't make much difference apart from slight narrowings of the cage. Friction has a better 'vernier' but brifters have the panach and ease of use. You may have to settle for the the limits of 12 spd in a 27spd era.

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