I have the V100 computer and two wireless setups. Speed and Cadence on my Specialized and just the speed version on my Tandem. The computer works fine on the Specialized, but not on the Tandem.

We took the Tandem to Dillon for the 4th of July weekend and got a little rain... OK it was a gully washer!
The bike, unfortunately sat in the heaviest rain for a period of time before I could go and rescue it.

Everything is dry now, but it won't read the speed from the front wheel.
I'm uncertain if it's the receiver on the handlebars or the transmitter on the fork.
Batteries are good on both units and everything is working as it should.
I have ensured the mag is passing where it should, etc.

Any thoughts or suggestions on how to trouble shoot this?
I tried spinning the wheel from my tandem while the computer was in the cradle on my Specialized, but they are two different types of units so I'm sure that was a waste.

Any ideas would be helpful.