To All:

I finished putting the new trike, worksman port-o-trike,
together. A friend, who rides bike regularly, tried it
out (I use a wheelchair, so my legs power do not count).
Fyi, port-o-trike is an old-fashioned trike.

Two problems:

First the brake (on the top of the front wheel)
doesn't fully release. It is an upside "U" with
two rubber pads clamping the wheel.

After braking a few times, the "U" tilt toward the
right so that the left pad keep touching the wheel.
I keep having to untighten the front nut of the "U"
and tilt the "U" leftward so that it is centered.
Is there a way to stop the "U" from tilting?

Picture of the upside down "U" brake.

Second, the trike runs alittle stiff (even with no
brake; with the "U" centered). I suspect the chain
or something need greasing. It's a 3-speeds. How
do I grease it? Is there a difference between
grease and oil?

Picture of chain (front and rear)

Thank for all your help. I really appreciate it.
[Haven't riden bike since being a kid.]