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    This looks like a good idea, anyone try Vittoria Pit Stop?

    This looks like a good idea. I'm thinking of getting one for my wife and maybe I'll carry one when I'm commuting on my hybrid. Has anyone tried this kind of product?

    Vittoria Pit-Stop Inflate And Repair.

    It works with any tube, whether the tube is in a tubular or a cincher tire.

    Inflates a 21-28" tubular up to 6.5 and a tyre up to 6 bar.
    Permanently repairs punctures in Tubular/Tyres.
    Provides up to 3 months of flat-prevention after use (the latex-foam injected acts as anti-puncture)
    Low Weight: Pit-Stop road racing weights just 70g and adds a mere 18g to the repaired tubular.
    Universal Nozzle can be easily used with any valve, no adapter needed.
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    Since it comes from Vittoria, I assume that they have formulated the goop to get past a Presta valve. That has been a problem with other goops sold in the past. The thing with goops is that if it doesn't work, for whatever reason, you now have an unholy mess in your tire and rim. Further repairs can be a bit diffficult. Plus, you are now in the middle of frick-all nowhere in a downpour without a method of repair and inflation. If I were doing clinchers, I would prefer one spare tube and a patch kit. If I were doing tubulars, I might consider this....but I would rather carry a spare tubular and repair the busted one at my leasure. I guess I am a skeptic. Let us know how it goes......

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