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    Incorrect shifting of a rear mech?

    I'm hoping that somebody may be able to help me.

    I had a new XT rear mech fitted today (Replacing a LX) by my local bike shop but it doesn't seem to shift correctly. When I pull the lever back the mech moves up to a bigger cog and when I push the lever away it moves to a smaller cog.

    All the rear mechs I have used before work the other way (ie lever back and the chain moves to a smaller cog and lever forward the chain moves to a bigger cog).

    Is this how the XT rear mechs are supposed to work?

    Have the bike shop set it up incorrectly?

    If so how would I go about changing it?

    The reason I am asking is because, I am going away tomorrow and I won't have time to get back to my local shop.

    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

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    You apparently now have what Shimano calls a "Rapid Rise" rear derailleur and it works just as you describe; the exact opposite of the standard "high normal" derailleur. There is nothing wrong with your derailleur and the shop didn't make a mistake, it's intended to work that way.

    Actually, it's not a bad system and has some theoretical advantages but it is different and may take some getting used to. The only way to "fix" it is to get a different model derailleur.

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